We teamed up with Sherpa to discuss how video is uniquely capable of engaging senior living prospects, along with tips on using it to propel your sales process.

The Art of Engagement: Strategies That Convert Hesitant Prospects Into Happy Residents

Eric Varin

Senior living sales and marketing teams have been forced to think and act differently in the last couple of years, to venture outside of their comfort zones. And while it’s been unnerving at times, a funny thing happened along the way – teams developed skills and embraced tools that they otherwise might have shied away from.

But now that everything is settling back down, how is your team going to react? Will you continue on an innovative path, or will you resort back to old habits? That’s the topic of our latest webinar, The Art of Engagement: Strategies That Convert Hesitant Prospects Into Happy Residents, and it’s a masterclass in rebuilding your occupancy and NOI in this “new normal.”


Video Is Your Secret Weapon

As you’ll see in our joint webinar with Sherpa, the power of video in a senior living community’s sales and marketing strategy is undeniable. For example, 86% of businesses now use video content as a marketing tool, and 87% say video produces a positive ROI. Pretty compelling, right?

But our webinar is more than just a typical high-level discussion of statistics and vague best practices. We roll up our sleeves in The Art of Engagement, digging into timely, relevant topics like:

  • Connecting with prospects “not ready to buy”
  • The different stages of prospect readiness and how to address each
  • The sources of fear and uncertainty keeping prospects at home, even when they feel dissatisfied

Most importantly, we detail how you can use video to address each of these all-too-common hurdles and develop a genuine competitive edge while you’re at it.


Using Video to Propel Your Sales Process Forward

But why is video so uniquely capable of engaging prospective residents? And what are the best ways to use it?

The answers to those questions center around the key steps of prospect-centered selling, a concept we discuss extensively during the webinar. Or put another way, we examine why a personalized approach connects with potential residents at a deeper level, even providing example OneDay videos for different stages of the sales process, including:

  • Prospecting for new leads
  • Pre-tour video messages
  • Post-tour video follow-ups
  • Re-engaging existing leads

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Ultimately, you’re going to walk away from our latest webinar, The Art of Engagement: Strategies That Convert Hesitant Prospects Into Happy Residents, with insights and ideas you can use immediately to start driving move-ins. Because that’s our perpetual goal here at OneDay – to see our partner communities thrive.

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