How Video Can Fulfill the Needs of Today’s Family

How Video Can Fulfill the Needs of Today’s Family

Phil Jacobs

The funeral services profession sits at a unique intersection, one where traditional needs as old as humanity meet the digital age head-on. And it’s that set of diverse demands that fuel and inform family expectations, leaving funeral service providers with a potential dilemma:

How can you transform memorial service offerings to keep pace with expectations now driven by technology?

That’s the critical need that Reflect by OneDay directly addresses and what makes it the most exciting solution I’ve seen in my nearly two decades in the funeral services industry. Simply put, video stories fulfills the needs of today’s family, and Reflect is the ideal solution to unlock the power of these video stories and drives value for families and providers alike.

Family Needs Have Changed

Before retiring and becoming an advisor to OneDay, I was Sr. VP and CMO at SCI, North America’s largest funeral and cemetery company. During that time, I saw technology take root in funeral services, a gradual process that eventually led to memorial websites, online obituaries, and DVD slideshows.

However, the slow and steady march of innovation in the industry hasn’t kept pace with the digital revolution occurring around it. Unfortunately, since funeral homes don’t exist in a bubble, it’s those outside forces that really inform and define family expectations.

Today, family’s expect the ability to use technology – the web, apps, social media, and more – to celebrate the life of their loved one, share stories about them, and create a unified, memorable experience, even with family members spread out across the globe.

However, as it stands, innovation in funeral services still has not meet those expectations. So while digital obituaries and DVD slideshows were welcomed additions to memorial offerings a decade ago, family needs have drastically changed since then. And that’s where Reflect enters the picture.


A Living Memorial for Modern Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed gaps in memorial service offerings that already existed. In other words, with or without the coronavirus, funeral homes would find themselves in the same spot – struggling to fulfill modern needs and expectations while watching margins continue to erode.

But that’s exactly why Reflect is the ideal solution for today’s families, allowing them to use technology to create a living and evolving memorial that fits their needs. Not only does Reflect make video storytelling intuitive, simple, and convenient, but it also seamlessly connects friends and family members no matter where they are in the world.

Therefore, during the pandemic, Reflect is the video solution families can rely on when social distancing mandates rule out a traditional service or limit who can attend. Post-pandemic, it’s a tool that will unite families across great distances, allowing them to share memories, tell the stories behind the well-worn pictures, and create an authentic experience to memorialize their loved one.

Memories That Never Fade

Since Reflect is a purely digital offering and service, it also means the memorial video will never fade. Whether it’s a year, a decade, or 50 years after the funeral service, family members and friends will always be able to revisit the video and even continue to add thoughts, memories, and stories to it.

That’s why living memorial is such an appropriate term for Reflect. It’s not just about a snapshot in time – the service itself – but an evolving collection of memories that live on. As I previously said, Reflect is a reinvention of video offerings for funeral services, where storytelling takes centerstage like it never has before. It’s the right solution at the right time, providing unparalleled value for today’s families at a time when they need it most.

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