Get to know OneDay’s new VP of Product, Victoria Repice, who provides our team with decades of experience in bringing cutting-edge products to market.

Get to Know Victoria Repice, OneDay’s New VP of Product

Carter Severns

There’s simply no substitute for experience. It’s the most valuable of assets for an organization, equal parts competitive advantage and compass, that’s able to steer companies through even the most unfamiliar of terrain. There’s a single, significant problem with experience, however – it’s an incredibly finite resource.

But that’s what makes Victoria Repice, OneDay’s new VP of Product, such a diamond to our ever-expanding team. As I’m about to explain, she’s been there, done that in some of the most innovative and trend-setting organizations in the world. And even better, Victoria couldn’t be more excited to help propel our vision forward as OneDay steadily advances toward a vastly-expanding horizon.


The Sharp Point of the Cutting-Edge

When you think of the cutting-edge, those products, concepts, companies, and industries that push technology at often breathtaking speeds, what comes to mind? Or better yet, what if I told you Victoria has been fundamental in bringing everything from satellite radio and mobile devices to software for connected vehicles to market?

In other words, Victoria is the rocket fuel that any tech-driven company dreams of having on its team, OneDay included. In our fortunate case, however, this particular dream has come true. Between a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse, and 25 years experience in companies like SiriusXM, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson – to name just a few – Victoria knows how to develop and launch solutions that make the world go ‘round.


Victoria’s Role With OneDay

As VP of Product, Victoria will be building on the solid foundation we’ve established in recent years, extending and expanding our solutions and reach to drive real value for our partners, both current and future. In her own words, her “mission has always been to take something from back-of-the-napkin to someone’s hands.”

That said, I know I’ve been vague about our modus operandi for the road ahead but, suffice it to say, it’s ambitious and innovative. Naturally, those are two traits that Victoria also embodies, making her an ideal fit for our team and vision as we build on our roots and valued partnerships into exciting new directions.


The OneDay Way

With such a sparkling background and skill set, it’s easy to focus on the forward-looking spirit that Victoria brings to our organization. However, ask her what stands out most about her OneDay experience thus far and she’s bound to mention the passion that saturates everything we do.

Again quoting her own words, “the culture at OneDay is collaborative where everyone has a can-do attitude combined with eagerness to learn and grow.” Honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. And with Victoria Repice – who also happens to be an avid endurance athlete that speaks Mandarin and German, by the way – we have yet another vital component of a story that only gets more captivating and enticing by the day.

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