Eric Varin, OneDay’s new VP of Client Success, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role at OneDay, helping drive us to our goals.

Get to Know Eric Varin, OneDay’s New VP of Client Success

Carter Severns

Success is self-perpetuating. Start with a great business plan, provide genuine value to customers, and word will get out. From there, top talent naturally gravitates toward an organization, pushing it to even greater heights.

That’s a phenomenon we’ve seen first-hand here at OneDay, and you needn’t look any further than our new VP of Client Success, Eric Varin, to see that dynamic in action. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Eric as one of the newest additions to OneDay and to discuss the many benefits he brings to our team and partners.


An Ideal Background and Perspective

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, it’s difficult to imagine someone better suited for OneDay and our vision than Eric. Aside from a BA from Connecticut College, an MBA from Cornell,  an MBA from Queen's, and a remarkable work history, he also has a deep connection to the senior living industry that goes back to his youth.

Eric saw his grandfather thrive in a senior living community, allowing him to experience the countless ways that a compassionate, healthy, and fulfilling environment can positively impact the quality of life for residents, not to mention the happiness they provide families. That’s why he’s spent the last decade of his career in senior living, most recently as VP of Sales and Marketing for Allegro.

To Eric, his work in senior living has been a way to help propel an industry he’s already  passionate about. Not coincidentally, his tenure with Allegro – a valued OneDay partner – also introduced him to our team and video sales and marketing solution. And the rest, as the saying goes, is history.


Eric’s Role at OneDay

To borrow Eric’s own words, he “was able to see (OneDay’s) purpose come to life firsthand as a customer of OneDay for over two years.” Simply put, he understands how important storytelling is to creating deeper human connections, often describing memories of the many instances he’s seen OneDay videos bring families closer together.

It’s that understanding that will help Eric and his Client Success team drive genuine value for our partners which, of course, will benefit prospects and residents as well. And as we build on the solid foundation we’ve established across senior living into other industries, he’ll bring that same enthusiasm, empathy, and innovative spirit to ensure our success.


The OneDay Culture and Vision

As proud as we are of the solutions we’ve provided to our partners and helping them reach their own goals, we’re equally proud of the organization OneDay has become over the last few years. Our culture is our identity, a notion that Eric already revels in.

From our entrepreneurial mindset to our dynamic and rewarding workplace, he knows that our leadership sets the tone for our entire organization. Again quoting Eric himself, “OneDay is a place where we trust each other, allowing each team member to bring their best-self to work every day.”

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We look forward to the many great things Eric will bring to his role as VP of Client Success, particularly as we expand into new and exciting industries. The best is yet to come from OneDay, and Eric Varin will be a critical component of that shimmering horizon.


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